TVS Apache RR310 Review – Versatility Meets Race Dynamics

In 1987, TVS Racing came into existence with the objective of engineering the motorcycles for high-performance racing. In 1994 TVS Racing becomes the 1st Indian manufacturer to launch one make racing in the country. Today with 35 years of racing, TVS has been an unstoppable force in the world of Indian Motorsports and the culmination of it all is this new TVS Apache RR 310. On the racetrack, the RR 310 has already proved to be a fun motorcycle. but how many race tracks do we have in our country ? or does everyone who buy this bike take it to the track often? Hence its evident that a bike of this genre should have a balance of touring a pro riding. Here is our detailed road test review of the Apache RR 310 to find out how Practical it is as a Complete package.

Apache RR 310 review

TVS Apache RR310 Review
TVS Apache RR 310 is aesthetically the best-looking motorcycle that has ever been made from a domestic manufacturer. TVS has clearly taken the game to the next level with the front-end which is inspired by a shark alias Akula 310. The RR310’s design is the result of over 300 hours of wind tunnel testing. The RR 310 claims to be the benchmark in aerodynamics for an Indian motorcycle in this segment. Up front you have twin projector headlamps with LED daytime running lamps, which not only look good but have more than a decent throw and a strong beam, helping with night riding. The red frame and golden forks brighten the motorcycle up and are certainly looks great with a matte black paint scheme (the one which we are testing here). The fairing panels are modern, making the RR 310 look gorgeous in profile, especially in matte black. The most dramatic bit of design on the RR 310 is the tail section which gets Omega-shaped LED tail-lamps and a ‘35 years of racing‘ decal.

Usability & Quality
In typical TVS fashion, the fit and finish are excellent. The plastics, the welding are all done neatly. Instrumentation console, which is fully-digital and displays a tonne of information such as speed and revs, distance to empty, lap timer, 0-60 kmph time, two trip meters and other stuff such as average speed and fuel consumption, top speed touched and so on. There is a small digital tachometer, a gear shift indicator, a hazard light button on the outside and all the tell-tale lights at the top and bottom. However, the cluster seemed pretty cluttered and scrolling down all this host of information it is a bit stressful. The switchgear is all high-quality switches directly taken from the BMW G 310 R. There’s also a soft, positive click when you operate the switches.


The riding geometry is comfortable, Thanks to the ratio of seating position and handlebar reach on offer which provide a comfortable riding position for a good amount of time.With a seat height of 810mm, even short riders should be able to manage the bike with both feet on the ground. Meanwhile, a ground clearance of 180mm allows you to tackle most tall bumps with ease . Seat cushioning is just about adequate and after an extremely long ride, you will put some amount of pressure on your palms.

Seating position is not as focused as you would find on the KTM RC390, hence it gets comparatively relaxed ergonomics. TVS has achieved this by offering rider footpegs that aren’t overly rear-set or high up. The clip-on handlebars are also slightly raised so you don’t really have to lean in a lot. it is an engaging posture to ride with a balance of Touring and track racing.

Ride handling and Performance
The RR 310 is powered by a 312 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that is capable of 33.5 bhp at 9,700 rpm and a peak torque of 27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm. The grunt is sent to the rear wheel via a six-speed gearbox. The BMW-sourced cylinder is canted towards the rear in order to keep the mass centralised and the wheelbase short which result in makeing the bike agile and stable in corners . The gearbox is precise but not exactly a slick shifter, RR 310 has a 165 km/hr top-speedbut there is no genuine top-end rush with linear Power delivery balanced with spot on throttle response. The engine is almost vibration free between 3000rpm to 5000rpm hence most city rideing condition is comfortable in this rev range. However, rev it harder and the vibes start creeping on to the handlebars and foot pegs. At 6000rpm to 7000 rpm the surge of vibrations is very harsh , its felt even on the seat.

The bike is stable and responsive with a kerb weight of 169.5kg. The torquey nature of the motor is more apparent with a pillion on board . Even when riding two-up, the RR 310 was willing to pick up from slow speeds in high gears without any signs of lugging and providing with loads of torque everywhere in torque band. Despite being a sportbike, the RR 310 gets an impressively tight turning radius. And that’s thanks to its wheelbase of 1365mm, which is just 8mm more than the 390 Duke – a street naked motorcycle as a result flicking around in tight traffic is fun like a naked bike . Braking is done by a 300mm petal disc up front and a 240mm petal disc at the rear. It also has the safety net of dual-channel ABS. Overall, the motorcycle supports sport touring, commuting and sport riding on the track and the road.

List of Pros

Apache RR 310 is undoubtedly the best-looking motorcycle in its segment
Powerful and Rider friendly powertrain
Bi-LED projector looks premium and works well for all conditions
Very Informative Instrument Console offers features like gear indicator, digital clock, vertical tachometer, side stand indicator, lap timer, overall range among others
Sporty USD forks Sourced from Kayaba for crisp track performance
Overall build quality is excellent
Balanced ergonomics
List of Cons

Price is on the Higher Side at 2.72 lakhs on road Bangalore . It would have been better if TVS priced it aggressively to make sure that the price doesn’t cross INR 2.5 Lakh mark on-road
Only two Colour options –Racing Black and Racing Red are the only two shades available on ApacheRR 310
11 liter of fuel carrying capacity is a major drawback of Apache RR 310
Viration at higher revs and engineing heating at city traffic in on higher Side .
All this said the Apache RR310 is a Motorcylce which marks the exclusivity of a new segment of supersport in the 300cc with unmatched design and ride dynamics .

Honda Activa Electric: Can it be a successful Activa variant?

The Honda Activa Electric will be an all new scooter and will have a modern design. Though utilitarian, it will have features like LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, fully digital instrument cluster, anti-theft warning, fast charging, eco and power riding modes and good storage space. The range of the scooter is expected to be minimum 100 kilometers and go upto 200 kilometers when ridden in economy mode. The scooter is expected to have a lithium-ion battery, that will make it lighter and also have a longer life.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is working on several projects involving electric vehicles. The main area is electric scooters for India. While markets like Japan have electric scooters as a lifestyle product, it will be a different ball game for Honda to make EVs for India. First is the cost factor and second is the range, which will help it find acceptability with customers. We may soon see a Honda Activa Electric scooter on our roads. Honda is the leader is scooter sales by a big margin. An electric vehicle with the Activa brand name could do wonders. Though, what brand will Honda adopt is yet unknown, there is a fair chance that the Activa brand will be retained, to cash upon its popularity. Activa is a household name and Honda would like to continue using this brand even for its electric scooters.

honda activa 6g electric

Minoru Kato, president and CEO of HMSI has confirmed that said that work on electric scooters is being carried out at Honda’s headquarters in Japan. The development is being carried out with inputs from the Indian operations as well. Kato also added that while Honda has a global experience in electric two-wheelers, it is a struggle to meet the expectations of customers when looking at mass models for a market like India.

Pricing and the range of the scooter are the two most important aspects that matter in a market like India. It is imperative to strike a right balance between the two. India has always been a fuel efficiency sensitive market and the same would apply to electric vehicles as well. As per Kato, Honda is targeting a minimum range of 100kms in the electric scooter, on a single charge. The timeline for the launch of the scooter is yet unknown, but we expect it to be rolled out sometime by late 2019. This move by Honda will trigger the electric scooter competition with other brands like Ather, Okinawa and Hero Electric, all of whom have electric scooters available readily in the market.

Honda Activa6g Electric: Can it be a successful Activa variant?
Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price in India
ModelPrice (on-road)

Honda Activa 6g Electric₹ 85,000

The exact details are yet unknown as of now. However, we can expect the Honda Activa Electric to cost around Rs. 85,000 on road. There is a likelihood of the taxes being lowered for import of batteries. This may positively impact the prices of electric scooters. The price may also differ if Honda offers different sets of battery power. Or also offers a base lead acid battery for entry level scooters

Honda Activa Electric Launch Date in India
The Honda Activa Electric is expected to be launched by late 2019. Currently, the scooter is under development in Honda’s R&D centre in Japan. For the development, inputs will be taken from the Indian market and a bench marking of Indian electric scooters is also being done. This scooter will compete with the Okinawa Praise which is one of the most talked about electric scooters in India. In fact, check out below our series of videos where we take the Okinawa Prasie to Leh and test it thoroughly.

The Activa Electric is expected to have a minimum range of 100 kms on a single charge. It may have a maximum range of 200 kms, in economy mode and this may be on a higher variant.

The Honda Activa Electric is expected to have a 1000 watt motor to power the scooter. The top speed of the scooter can be estimated at 75 km/h. It will come with a Lithium-Ion battery that will get fast charging as well. For a full charge, the scooter might take around eight hours. With the fast charging, it will take one to two hours to charge fully. we expect this kind of mass product to help with fast charging stations to crop up in the country everywhere.

Honda Activa Electric Design
Not much is yet known about the design, however, we expect the Activa Electric to have a modern design. The body panels will probably be made of plastic, rather than metal. This will reduce the weight and will be beneficial in providing a longer range. The Activa electric scooter will have an LED headlamp and and LED tail lamp. There will be alloy wheels. Disc brakes should come as standard on these. The seats will be broad and long, to accommodate two riders with ease. Storage spaces on the scooter will also be good. The Activa Electric will be targeted towards the metro city dwellers, hence Honda will try and make it stylish and practical.